Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

Feb 24, 2021

What do you offer for your team anyways? What can you innovate, what can you originate, what can you come up, how can you inspire trust? Do you posses a sense of clarity among the ideas of what and how to do things?

Boss and employee or exclusion of a person because of their appearance or ethnicity?
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Getting to the people and asking them what kind of people they want to led by often led to the below answers,

  1. They wanted someone real and authentic, they did not want someone always inspiring to be someone else, rather, being their open with what flaws and talents they posses
  2. Someone they can trust to share their problems with, and not be scold at for running into them
  3. Someone who believes in the capability of others along with them selves. Someone who pulls someone up from their current level, and to levels beyond
  4. Having a great sense of awareness about what is transpiring

Where does that put you? You need to consider what part and talents of you as a person lead you to do great things, which aspects give you great senses of clarity, having a great deal of confidence of what to work with, and truly believing in that the actions you take will lead you somewhere positive and great. A leader looks at horizon for the team and continuously plans how to inch just a bit closer every day.

Maybe you aren't sure what your style is. Maybe you're a,

  1. Delegating Style, understanding when to step away and when to step closer towards a certain goal, and how to accomplish that
  2. Supporting Style, where you support and remove the low self esteem, confidence, and the illusions of ill competency among the team members, regularly help in positive decision making, provides supportive positive feedback, shares responsibility, re-allocates roles when needed
  3. Coaching Style, where return feedback is just as important, where performance is measured really closely, where you understand to take others opinion important as well
  4. Directing Style, where you can focus on supervision and how to control the flow of information, allocates roles and responsibilities, and so on and so forth
Photo by Jehyun Sung / Unsplash

A good leader perhaps does not know all the intricacies of every single thing when they start working on something, but it can be important to understand how to develop the team culture and have the team agree on something singular to work on. They can do it better than you, and that should be something to learn from, everyone can have insights, but a leader has to search through the positive aspects of the idea and lead the entire team to follow a similar suite of ideas.

And that is what I makes turns into for good project development.  

Saif Ul Islam

Undergrad @ FAST NUCES | Upcoming SWE

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