Getting Into The Flow, Day 2

ideas Mar 19, 2021

It hasn't been bad! But I guess what was surprising about today was the fact that I didn't study alone today as much as I normally do on my other days. For example, I sat down with my friends and went through a straight 3-3.25 hour study session ...

... And I'm glad I did. Being around others trying to learn the same thing gave me insight into things that I would normally miss out otherwise, and learn from the learning styles of others, and the way that they explain it. It was actually very helpful given the circumstances I was in - didn't prepare for anything the day before because of a lack of focus and concentration on the actual material. So I slept early, all the way till the morning.

But moving back on subject. A total of 4.5 hours today was spent focusing on learning or working on something.

It isn't bad! I plan to work on for about 4-5 hours more tonight focusing on an assignment, then onto some DevOps, and then finally towards my FYP and project.

A great thing I read today was actually an excerpt from the "Software Engineering At Google" book. You can check it out at amazon! Do read some initial part of it. It's pretty amazing, and a good detox from the hyped mentality that Software Engineering has grown into for some of the past years. A good clue into what the book is about - it's not about hyping things up, it's about being realistic about what software can achieve, and what the driving forces are for a project to succeed.

Check it out at Amazon!

But here are those pages I'm referring to kind of give you an idea. The below are captures from a camera - so please excuse the reading quality a bit!

Please check out the original book for a more serious dive into these topics, specifically, these excerpts are part of a larger discussion from the chapter 2, "How To Work Well In Teams".

Till then, take care! I'll update later when I have something more to think about.


Saif Ul Islam

Undergrad @ FAST NUCES | Upcoming SWE

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