January 9, 2021

A comment on Fallen - Gert Taberner

Just a comment from someone on the music video's comment section, from here,

It's just painful but too much calming ! What's this song about really ? - MorningStar • _
A reply,
don’t know for sure but my wife just told me that you can never truly love someone till you’ve seen them on thier worst day and yet they still love you ,
Note : my wife said she fell in love with me the first time me met, it was at a party and I went outside for some air , she was standing alone in the garden and we chatted . She asked me what my worst ever day was and I don’t know if it was the drink or if it was cos she was a stranger but I told her something that I hadn’t told another soul , which was, my worst day was when my parents split up, I had to choose who I wanted to live with, I loved them both so much and I knew that I was in an impossible situation cos I would end up hurting one of them (they both wanted me), so I lied, I told them that I hated them both and went to live with my gran instead . It was the hardest thing I had ever faced in my young life , both my parents died before I could tell them both the truth .
My now wife said that it was at that moment that she fell in love with me , which is strange cos she has only just shared that with me and I admit I’m a bit emotional right now .
Anyway I hope you too find your own happiness,
Take Care . R . - RaYzOr rAyZoR

Personally, this was an amazing realization, so just posting here for myself.